Delete it now and use WhatsApp & an expert brings bad news to Facebook Messenger users

Delete it now and use WhatsApp.. an expert brings bad news to Facebook Messenger users.

      A technical expert advised Facebook Messenger users not to use it, delete it, and go to WhatsApp and Signal for instant messaging, and said that Meta “Facebook previously” announced earlier the postponement of one of the important updates for more than a billion Facebook Messenger users, adding that the postponement of this update is very bad news. 

Why should we use WhatsApp and delete Facebook Messenger.

   And Facebook had previously confirmed that it encrypted messages via Facebook, similar to the encryption process in WhatsApp, but the Meta platform retracted this matter, and confirmed that the issue of encrypting Messenger messages will be delayed for a new year at the very least, asking users to give it Take extra time to correct this.

       And the message encryption feature in WhatsApp, which was supposed to be applied to Messenger in 2022, is a very important and indispensable feature now, in order to preserve private messages and conversations from criminals, fraudsters and hackers, especially with the increase in hacking and theft of user data and bank accounts.

       As end-to-end message encryption has been delayed, Zach Dofman, a cybersecurity expert, advises switching messages to WhatsApp and Signal, and advises everyone to make that decision now if they haven't already.

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