Notification History Log

   Important notification accidentally rejected? Do not worry

Have you ever missed an important notification displayed in the status bar of your device?

     Notification History Log is an app that lets you keep a complete record of all the notifications in your Android smartphone. So, if you accidentally delete a notification, you can always get it back.

     Once you’ve activated Notification History Log, all the notifications that you receive will be saved in the log. Also, you can take a look to the advanced notification view where you can check any of your notifications in detail: name of the app, exact time of the notification, title and description of the notification.

Notification History Log

No problem! This app can store them safely for you.

The application is capable of recording all the notifications published by the system or any installed application.

Features and Benefits

  • No root
  • Blacklist: list of applications to ignore
  • Notification overview: full summary of the notification
  • Ability to share and copy notification text
  • Quick search by text
  • You can delete the notification history at any time
  • The app saves notification history only on your device
  • Back up and restore data
  • Confidentiality: no information is public or stored in an online database.
  • No tracking of user activity
  • Easy to use

IMPORTANT:Enable access to notifications.The app must be able to read all notifications posted by the system or any installed app.

IMPORTANT:You cannot see the notifications you received before installing this app.

REMARKT: This version records the last 500 notifications received (1000 Premium).

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