Minecraft fans, you can play your favorite game from anywhere with the mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

      For those who do not yet know the  principle of the game, Minecraft is a "sandbox" type game, developed by Mojang, which allows you to build whatever you like, in a cubic universe. The geometric design of the elements may be surprising at first, but the endless possibilities of the game have conquered millions of players around the world.
     Several game modes are available. Creative mode lets you let your imagination run wild and build anything you've always dreamed of: from fortified castles to pyramids, haunted houses and theme parks, you can do it all!
     Survival mode launches you on a full-fledged adventure where your only objective is to survive, in a hostile universe populated by monsters and zombies. Finding resources, building a shelter, making weapons will be your main actions to be carried out in order to then be able to explore your environment.
     New mods, addons and updates are regularly made to bring new elements and renew the experience of the game.
     Note that Minecraft is also available on consoles and computers with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

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