Download Instagram Pro and Premium Version

       Download the Instagram Pro application. It is considered one of the plus applications for Android to suit the needs of users of these sites on Android phones. Some features and tools are blocked in the original Instagram application. Therefore, the developer samMods developed this application and added great features that make you can easily download photos and videos, which is This is prohibited in the original application, in addition to the ability to hide the writing in progress feature and enjoy privacy and security by locking the application and not informing anyone of messages except through your password.

Instagram Pro&Premium_Unlocked

 You can also easily keep all the videos on the different pages that you follow this besides InstaPro supports the Arabic language and the ability to change it at any time, as it supports the English language as well, and not only that, but this version makes you easily copy comments and additions again, and there are many great features that we will learn about in addition to identifying the new additions in this version From insta pro apk and all the important information through our article today.

What is the Instagram Pro v7.35 application?

      Since the emergence of social networking applications and sites that put the world in your hands, Android phone users are looking for everything that is new and allows them to communicate with the outside world, so the developers released modified versions of multiple applications, including the WhatsApp application and the Instagram application, so the developer samMods was one of the developers who They modified the Instagram application and added many great features that made communicating with friends easier than before, since it released INSTAGRAM PRO in 2019 and it has won the admiration of millions of users around the world, where you can easily share videos and photos on other sites, not only Share and save them inside the application, and you can also make images larger than their normal size, and makes instagram pro apk users add their own links and also they can open links within the application, and it is also worth noting that you can adjust some features, including hiding that you watched friends’ stories and you can download More than 10 images at once and through one click, and through this version you can now copy the description in the publications, in addition to that you can also Play audio with video automatically without setting this feature which you don't find in the original app.

Shortcuts in the Instagram Pro app for Android.

  • You can double-tap to enable or disable likes.
  • Triple click on the images you can download them.
  • Long press on images makes them large.
  • Swiping turns the app's camera on or off.

Features of the Instagram Pro app

  1. You can copy any comment you want.
  2. The app is free but it supports apk.
  3. You can add music tracks to stories.
  4. The ability to add music stickers to the story.
  5. You can browse within the application.
  6. The possibility of opening different links.
  7. The ability to save videos in the phone memory easily.
  8. You can upload photos and videos.
  9. You can enlarge the pictures.
  10. The ability to lock the application with a secret number and thus increase privacy.
  11. This version is without ads.
  12. You can post pictures in high quality.
  13. You can hide that you are writing.
  14. You cannot see which messages have been read.
  15. Translate texts into several languages.
  16. You can hide the displayed stories.
  17. This application supports many languages, including Arabic.
  18. You can easily identify the people who follow you.

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