How to recover deleted Telegram chats in simple steps

 How to recover deleted Telegram chats in simple steps

     The Telegram application for instant messaging and exchanging photos and videos has recently gained wide popularity with millions of users around the world, so it is constantly and continuously working on launching new updates that carry many wonderful and powerful additions, as well as solving some problems facing users, in While there are some ways in which you can recover deleted messages and read them again.

deleted Telegram chats in simple steps

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

     And in light of what Telegram provides, with the feature of manually saving backup copies of chats and correspondence, you can restore those messages at any time even if they have been deleted, especially since it provides exporting an entire chat with a size of 1500 MB, and then saving those copies on private cloud servers The application, in order to retrieve it in case you need it, and you only need to use some applications that download the notification history from the Google Play platform.

Telegram recovery steps

  1. Download a notification log application such as: Notification History Log.
  2. Then open the required permissions and grant it access to app notifications.
  3. Go to the notifications of the Telegram app.
  4. All history and backups will appear
  5. Go to the phone's external storage.
  6. You can get the recycles in the Telegram chat file.

Retrieve Telegram Chats for iPhone

       Those conversations can also be restored from iPhone phones, through your own account on the iCloud service, after selecting your device, then select the mail you want to recover, and then you have to click on the restore icon to retrieve deleted conversations via the Telegram application.

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